Instant Roulette Table Game: Review, How to Play and Tips

In 2020, Evolution Gaming introduced Instant Roulette. This game was a step forward from previous roulette games that required you to install special software on your device. Pontus Lindwall founded this company in 1996, and it has since become a gaming pioneer. Instant Roulette is a simple game in which you toss a ball and wait for it to come to a stop. You will appreciate how impressive this game is after reading this slot review. This article will explain the bonuses, the calculation of wins, and the features of this game, in addition to giving you tips on how to play.

Rules of Instant Roulette

Instant Roulette is simple to play; you only need to remember a few rules before you begin:

  1. Predict the number on which the ball will land.
  2. Each wheel has a number from 1 to 36 as well as a zero.
  3. Because there is no betting time limit, you can play at your own pace.
  4. You can change your bet at any time.
  5. You are the one in charge of the game. When you’re ready, simply click the ‘play now’ button to start the game.
  6. The wheel closest to the next drop of the ball is chosen as the wheel where stakes will be placed for the round.

Features of Instant Roulette

What is it that makes the Instant Roulette game in India so unique in the first place? There are at least a few things to consider here. Let’s take a look at them:

Technical Features

There is no waiting time with instant roulette because the game wins and progress is recorded instantly. The game has twelve spinning wheels that move around during play, and only one wheel has a chance to win.
You can place your bets on different wheels to increase your chances of winning while also increasing the amount you stake. It has a central roulette wheel and a race track, and you can bet on either or both of them.

Bonus Features

There are no bonuses in this game; however, there are features that you can use to win maximum bets. Unfortunately, no free spins are available, but the racetrack is available.
The racetrack will give you more options for placing bets and increasing your chances of winning. You can use the best feature to save up to ten of your favourite games, which you can then redeem whenever you want. You can choose whether to use or delete your saved favourite games.

Instant Roulette Theme and Design

To get you in the mood to play, there’s a smooth and enjoyable soundtrack playing in the background. The good news is that as a player, you can tailor these soundtracks to your preferences. The game includes a three-dimensional high-definition video to keep you interested.
You can spin a white ball and wait for it to come to rest. The game comes in a variety of languages, and you can choose the one you understand best. There is also a free demo version that you can use to learn the game before investing real money.
At the centre, 12 individual roulette wheels are displayed, and 2 to 3 wheels can light up at the same time. The camera movement focuses on how the game progresses, switching from a view of all 12 roulette wheels to a close-up of each wheel and the ball.
With its classic casino atmosphere and elegant lighting, this casino game will provide every player with an exciting gaming experience!

How to Play Instant Roulette?

Place a Bet
If you’re looking for changes to the gameplay or betting, we’re happy to say there aren’t any! You begin this auto-roulette by placing your wagers as usual. Choose a coin from the available options and place it on any number or combination of numbers you want. The greater the number of numbers covered by a wager, the more likely it is to win. This, however, results in a lower payout.

Press Play Now Button
After you’ve decided on your wager, tap or press the Play Now button. There is no need to rush because bets have no time limit. The game will look to the roulette wheel that is closest to the end of a spin and use it to determine the results. If the drawn number was part of your wager, you will be awarded the appropriate prize.

Regular Bets and Side Bets Available
Instant Roulette is a single-zero game that follows European roulette rules. It also has several ‘side bets’ that you can play. We can place French bets and neighbour bets on the racetrack. Using the
plus and minus buttons next to the racetrack, you can change how many numbers a neighbour bet covers.

Save Your Favorite Bets
Another useful feature of this Evolution Gaming release is the inclusion of favourite bets. You can save your favourite bets and then play them simply by selecting them from the favourite bets menu. It also already has a few special bets saved, such as Finale En Plain, Finales A Cheval, and complete stakes.

Betting Amounts and Payouts

Each type of bet has its own set of minimum and maximum stakes.

Types of bets

On the roulette table, you can place a variety of bets. You can bet on a single number or a specific range of numbers. Instant Roulette incorporates inside and outside bets into its gameplay, and each stake has its own payout.

Inside bets

Inside Bets are bets placed on the numbered spaces or lines that run through the betting area.
Straight Up – Place your chips precisely on any single number. You can also set it to zero (0).
Split Bet – Place your chips on any two numbers in a split bet. This can be done vertically or horizontally.
Street Bet – This is a three-number bet. Place your chip at the end of any row of numbers.
Corner Bet – Place your chip at the central intersection of four numbers or at the corner. This applies to all four numbers in that row
Line Bet – Place your chip at the end of the two-line intersection between two rows. This bet includes a total of six numbers.

Outside bets

Outside bets are placed on the boxes at the bottom of the screen or on the sides of the main grid of numbers.
Column Bet – Place your chip in the ‘2 to 1’ box. Except for zero, it covers all 12 numbers.
Dozen Bet – Place your chip in the ‘first 12′, “second 12,’ or ‘third 12.’ This covers the 12 numbers that appear next to each box.
Red/Black – Place your chip in a red or black box to cover the 18 red or black numbers. This bet does not cover zero.
Even/Odd – This covers 18 numbers that are either even or odd. This bet does not include a zero.
1-18/19-36 – Except for zero, this covers the first or second set of 18 numbers (1-18/19-36).

Top Strategies for Instant Roulette

The rules are simple, and the game is enjoyable, but what about your chances of winning? If you want to become a pro at this live game, you can employ any Roulette strategy you want. Some are, of course, more efficient than others. Here are our top three strategies for playing real money Instant Roulette.
The Martingale
This strategy is frequently regarded as the fundamental Roulette strategy. The reason is not surprising – it is used by the majority of players and is frequently successful. If you use this method, you must double your bets after each loss. That way, if you win, you have a better chance of recovering what you lost in the game.
D’ Alembert
This betting strategy is safer than the Martingale because it uses smaller bet increases rather than doubling. You can still increase your stake after each win, but only by one. If you win, congratulations – you may reduce your bet. The goal of this method is to have wins that equal your losses.
The Fibonacci
This strategy is named after the famous Italian mathematician Fibonacci. He created the sequence in which a number is the sum of the two numbers before it. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, and so on. So you get the idea – you add your previous two bet amounts to form the next one, and so on. It’s great if you want to make quick money, but it only works if you’re winning.

Should You Try Instant Roulette?

We certainly believe so! It provides all of the excitement of roulette while virtually eliminating wait times. To some extent, the timer that limited how long you could bet has been removed. Many players will notice a significant improvement in their quality of life as a result of this. One that will propel Instant Roulette to the top of the list of live casino games.
It’s important to remember that this is an auto roulette release. If you enjoy chatting with dealers, you’ll be let down by the lack of hosts here. We believe it is a worthwhile sacrifice for all of the benefits it provides. This game is simply too good to miss out on! So, good luck to you!

How to Play Wolf Gold for Real Money?

How to play Wolf Gold for real money

If you like wolves and big payouts, the Wolf Gold slot machine by Pragmatic Play is the game for you.
Wolf Gold, which was inspired by the captivating wilderness of the West American desert, earned Pragmatic Play the award for Best Slot Game at the Malta Gaming Awards 2018. So, what makes this slot so unique, with its flashy yet simple graphics and standard 5-reel setup? Furthermore, online slot players would like to know how to play Wolf Gold for real money. Isn’t that correct? Check out this article to learn more:

What is Wolf Gold Slot Game?

Pragmatic Play is transporting us to North America’s wild prairies, where we will howl at the moon alongside ferocious wolves. Do not be afraid of these beasts; they are here to assist you in landing big wins. Wolf Gold is a five-reel, 25-payline video slot with a few interesting and rewarding bonus features.
The Wolf is the Wild, and it can replace all icons except the Scatter, which activates the Free Spins feature with giant symbols, and the Moon Bonus Scatter, which can secure you one of three jackpots on offer. The 2017 release, which can be played for as little as 25p per spin, features crisp graphics and a fitting soundtrack.

What’s the Wolf Gold Theme?

One of the best aspects of online gambling is that each slot usually has a theme. Gone are the days when you’d try to hit some bars and sevens in the hopes of winning. Slots now have bonuses, mini-games, and themes to keep players interested.
Wolf Gold’s theme is, as you might expect from the name, wolves. However, as you spin, you’ll see a variety of animals, including eagles, horses, buffaloes, and lions. The standard J, Q, K, and A symbols are sandwiched between all of these animal symbols. Moon symbols can appear to activate respin features (more on this later), which represent a wolf howling at the moon. It’s a straightforward theme that works very well. There’s nothing too complicated about it. If you like animals (especially wolves), you’ll enjoy this slot!

Wolf Gold RTP & Variance

For experienced players, the Wolf Gold RTP and variance will undoubtedly pique their interest, as the two are inextricably linked. RTP stands for return to player and is a theoretical indicator of how much the slot will pay you if you keep spinning for a long time. As a result, this slot’s RTP is 96
percent. With such an RTP, the house edge is a meagre 4%, which is fantastic news for any player. This is because your base game bankroll will not fluctuate dramatically when playing Wolf Gold. As a result, you will have frequent but relatively small wins, which is a good thing, especially if your eyes are trained on hitting the bonus.

Wolf Gold Bonus Features

If you’ve played the Wolf Gold slot, you’ll undoubtedly keep coming back for more because of the enjoyable bonus features that can be accessed directly from the base game. Here are a few of the best bonuses that regular players can claim.

Wolf Gold Scatter Symbol
The Wolf Gold scatter symbol is possibly the most profitable of all the other symbols. It is represented by a reddish rock that appears to be lit up by the setting sun. It activates the free spins feature, which results in the combination of reels 1, 3, and 5 to produce a super multiplier.

Wolf Gold Money Re-spin
The Wolf Gold money respin feature is an excellent bonus that is simple to activate. If you land at least six money symbols anywhere on the reels, the money respin bonus will be triggered. As a result, all symbols will be replaced by moon symbols, resulting in three free spins. The reels can be spun again to generate additional bonuses.
Aside from triggering the money respond bonus, the money symbols are also the most direct route to the Wolf Gold Jackpot. Nonetheless, before aiming for the Wolf Gold jackpot, it is best to focus on small wins, which are less risky given the game’s low volatility.

Wolf Gold free spins
Every Wolf Gold fan will be ecstatic when they hear the words “free spins.” Such bonus spins are triggered by the Wolf Gold Scatter symbol. If you land three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, you will be given five Wolf Gold spins. During the Wolf Gold bonus spins, reels 1, 2, and 3 are combined to produce a massive multiplier of 3. Wolf Gold progressive jackpot (max win).
The Wolf Gold mega jackpot is activated in the following manner. On the reels, there will be six full moon symbols. This will result in the removal of all standard symbols, followed by three respins. If another moon is spotted at this point, the respin will automatically return to three. The process will be repeated until the moon occupies all 15 positions, resulting in the much-coveted Wolf Gold Mega jackpot of 125, 000 coins.

Wolf Gold Odds and Payouts

Of course, anyone reading our Wolf Gold slot review will want to know their chances of winning big! While Pragmatic Play hasn’t released the odds for this slot, we do know what you’ll get for each symbol. That should give you an idea of how rare it is to hit each one.

  • Buffalo: Pays 20x your bet for five on any given pay line.
  • Eagle: This symbol pays 16x your bet for five on a pay line.
  • Horse: Pays 12x your bet for an entire pay line.
  • Lion: Pays 8x your bet for five on any given line.

Each of the letters A, K, Q, and J pays 2x your bet for an entire pay line. It is important to note that these symbols are not interchangeable.
Furthermore, the top jackpot is 1,000x your bet, so you should only expect to hit it once in a lifetime. The wolf symbol is a free-for-all; it can be substituted for any of the symbols listed above.

Extra Features
Canyon Scatters will activate the free spins feature. Scatters appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 and activate 6 free spins. During the feature, a giant symbol will occupy the three central reels, assisting you in landing larger wins. It’s possible to reactivate the feature.
The Money Respins feature is triggered by six Moon Scatters anywhere on the reels. During the feature, only Moons can appear on the reels. Players are given three respins, and the number of respins is reset to three each time a new Moon appears on the reels. The feature ends when you have filled all of the cells with Moons (if you do, you will win the Mega Jackpot of 1,000x your bet) or when there are no more new Moons on the reels.
When the feature ends, players should collect all of the values displayed by the Moons on the screen. Moons carrying Mini and Mayor Jackpots may also appear among them.

How to Play Wolf Gold

Saddle up your horses and prepare to ride through the wild prairie. Remember to bring your weapons, because you’ll be visiting the prairie at night when all sorts of creepy creatures will be surrounding you and making terrifying noises.
The Buffalo will lead the pack of beasts that will surround you and take up residence on the reels. The American Eagle, as well as the Wild Horse and the Puma, are also present. Low-paying icons are represented by playing cards. The Wolf acts as the Wild, substituting for all regular icons, while the Moon acts as the Bonus Scatter, triggering the Money Respins feature. Free spins are triggered by the other Scatter.
If you’ve had the pleasure of playing other Pragmatic Play video slots, you’ll quickly understand how everything works in the 2017 release. Wolf Gold has a standard 53-reel grid and 25 fixed paylines that pay left to right, starting from the far left reel. The bare minimum for landing payouts is three of a kind.
Set the coin value and the number of coins you want to place per line before you begin spinning the reels.

Can You Play Wolf Gold on Mobile?

You’re probably reading this Wolf Gold slot review on your phone and wondering if you can play the game on the same device. You certainly can! Wolf Gold is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices running iOS and Android. You can play this slot machine from anywhere and on any device you want! It’s worth noting that the vast majority of modern online slots are mobile-friendly. Because many people like to gamble on their phones, creating a slot game that isn’t user-friendly won’t pique their interest. As a result, if you’re looking at a slot that was released within the last few years (like Wolf Gold), there’s a good chance it’ll work on any device!

Players Should Try out Wolf Gold in Their Favourite Casino!

Wolf Gold has been a popular slot with players for a good reason since its release in 2017. It’s fast-paced, has lovely graphics, and has a theme centred on animals – all of which are popular among most players. It also has fantastic bonus opportunities, as well as the chance to win a mega jackpot of 1,000x your bet. Look no further than Wolf Gold if you’re looking for an exciting, relaxing, and enjoyable slot with classic (but aesthetically pleasing) graphics. It looks, feels, and plays exactly like the traditional slots we all know and love.
All of these factors contribute to Wolf Gold being one of the best slots in our opinion! Look for it the next time you play at your favourite online casino! Alternatively, if you are not a member of a site that offers this slot, consider joining a new slots casino that does. You will not be disappointed! Good luck!

How do I Win at Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways Slot Machine?

The Aztec has appeared in a large number of online slot games created by various developers. However, you may not have seen them in a slot like Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways from iSoftBet. Now is your chance to become acquainted with the civilization, thanks to the vivid imagery and exciting gameplay provided by this slot. So, if you want to go back in time and experience what the Aztecs brought to the world, this game is for you.
Let’s learn more about this exciting game in this article, as well as how to win at Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways Slot Machine. Here we will learn more about cascading reels, re-spins, and massive jackpot multipliers, among other things.

Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways – Theme & Payouts

The title of this slot pretty much says it all – the Aztec civilization and everything that surrounds it. Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways has some wonderful graphics incorporated into it to ensure that the theme comes to life on your screen. iSoftBet isn’t a developer that shies away from going all out on a slot release, so it’s not surprising to find that it has some wonderful graphics incorporated into it to ensure that the theme comes to life on your screen.
When you play this game, you will have the opportunity to win a maximum payout of 20,000x your in-play stake. That’s a significant advantage for you, the player, making this one not to be missed. The Aztec Gold Megaways slot from iSoftBet was released only a year before this game, so if you’re wondering what the extra gold part of the title refers to, it’s that you can win bigger amounts with this game. Of course, the fact that the Megaways are back in the slot gives you up to 117,649 ways to form combinations helps.

RTP & Volatility

The game features high volatility. This means that, while it may not pay as much as the very high volatility games, it will pay out more frequently. As a result, it may appeal to players who do not consider themselves high rollers but do enjoy wagering a little more on a spin.
It also has an RTP of 96%, so you can go quite far with a reasonable bankroll when playing it. That’s pretty close to the average RTP rate for Megaways, with the actual average hovering around the 96.20% mark.

Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways Symbols

Snakes, jaguars, eagles, and captivating characters are more interesting high-value symbols. The colour scheme distinguishes the slot from other Aztec-themed games. It’s warm and humid, which is a welcome change from the jungle’s vibrant colours. The production values are above average, which is exactly what we like!

Max Megaways, Sun Disc Boost, and Mystery Symbols

Three random modifiers can occur during the base game in total. The Max Megaways Feature expands the grid to 117,649 possible winning combinations. The Sun Disc Boost will grant you a random number of additional Scatters. Symbols of mystery may also appear. They change into matching symbols, increasing your chances of winning.

How To Play Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways

Once Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways is active on your screen, you’ll find it very easy to access information such as the paytable and rules. The next step is to determine the size of your stake. After that, simply press the spin button and you’re off!
This Aztec Gold game has all of the same features as its sister game, Aztec Gold Megaways. It simply adds a couple of extras to make the game more exciting to play. The fact that it includes the Megaways function implies that win cascades will be active. As a result, whenever you form a win, the symbols involved will vanish, leaving gaps for new symbols to easily fall into. If more wins occur at that point, the process is repeated.

Special Features

On any of the base game spins, you can also activate two modifiers: Max Megaways and Sun Disc Boost. Both of these have the potential to be triggered at random. The first locks the grid with the maximum number of paylines, giving you a higher chance of forming combinations. The second simply places a random number of scatter symbols on the reels at the start of each spin.
Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways has mystery symbols that were not present in its predecessor. When the spin finishes, all instances of mystery symbols that appear in base gameplay will transform into the same standard symbol. Scatters and wilds are the only exceptions.

Bonus Rounds
There’s also something called the Aztec Gold Cash Respins, which we believe serves as the slot’s highlight. This is activated when five or more of the game’s scatter symbols appear anywhere. All of the triggering symbols remain in place, and you get three respins. That’s not all; because it has an Extra Gold feature, only four scatters are required to activate the bonus round. However, being active will increase your total bet by 25%.
Each scatter that appears during the respins round brings the total number of these back to three. At the end of the game, each scatter in view will either provide a random cash reward or one of the game’s three fixed jackpot totals. These come in the form of Mini, Major, and Mega rewards, which can provide your balance with up to 1,000x your stake as a reward.
The Aztec Bet function is the game’s final addition. This has two variants, both of which give you immediate access to the Aztec Cash Respins round. The first option necessitates a bet of 100x your wager, while the second necessitates a bet of 150x that amount.

You Can Get Very High Multipliers during the Game’s Respins

With a name that includes the word “gold” twice, you know it will be a fast-paced gaming experience with big wins. Cascading wins, Aztec Gold Cash Respins, Aztec bets, and even modifiers are available here. Max Megaways and Sun disc boost are the names of these.
The slot has a lot of features, and a great feature that is included in slots that use the Megaways mechanic is the cascading wins feature. When you spin the reels and get a winning combination, it will vanish. Then, from the top of the reels, new symbols appear. The magic here is that this cascade of new symbols will continue as long as new winning combinations are formed, resulting in large wins in just one spin round.
Although there are many wonderful things to do in this slot, the Aztec Gold Cash Respins are the ones you want to do the most. This feature is triggered by landing 5 Gold scatters. When you enter this feature, you are greeted with three Respins. You will spin the reels and either new Gold scatters or empty squares will appear. Your Respins will be reset to 3 each time you land new gold scatters. All gold scatters that land on the reels will stay on the reels and have different multipliers assigned to them, all of which will be merged at the end of the round and multiplied by the bet amount you had at the start of the round.
As if the multipliers on each scatter symbol weren’t enough, you can also participate in the game’s Mini, Major, and Mega Jackpots, which are worth 30X, 100X, and 1000X, respectively. Different multipliers will also be displayed above each reel. You will also receive this multiplier if you manage to cover an entire reel with scatters. There could be some extra gold to be had here.
If you don’t have the patience to wait for this Bonus to appear during your spins, you can use the Aztec bet feature of the game. To access the Respins, you must first make a payment of 100X or
150X your total bet. The distinction between these two payment options is that 150X means you activate the maximum number of paylines via Max Megaways. It frees up space for additional scatter symbols to be placed in empty positions.
There is also another option for making it easier to participate in the Respins. This is accomplished by activating the Extra gold feature, which increases your payout by 25% during your spins. This reduces the number of scatter symbols required to activate the Respins feature to four.
Some modifiers can appear at random during one’s paid spins, increasing one’s chances of winning. The first is Max Megaways, which will increase the number of paylines for you to 117’649. If you spin and a large image of Montezuma appears, you will either receive a Big win or Aztec Gold Cash Respins. During the game, many things can appear on the screen, including a Sun Disc Boost modifier that can send you to the Respins. However, it is not always guaranteed that it will appear, but the chances are much higher that it will.

Bottom Line

The Aztecs were known to have great treasures, here we get it proven!
If you want to play a fast-paced slot with a high maximum win, and a lot of features, this is the game for you. You play on a slot machine with 6 reels and 3-7 rows, and the number of paylines can be as many as 117’649. Cascading wins, Aztec Gold Cash Respins, Aztec bet, and some exciting modifiers are available. During the game, you can win up to 21417X the amount you bet. Put on your hiking boots and embark on a journey to the Aztec temple. Good luck!

All You Need to Know about Divine Fortune Megaways Slot Machine

Divine Fortune Megaways Slot Machine

On this NetEnt’s slot, the mighty Pegasus returns for another reel journey through Greek mythology. We are talking about Divine Fortune Megaways! It is a follow-up to the original progressive jackpot game, which was released in 2017. However, the jackpots have been removed in favour of the Megaways upgrade while the Falling Wild Respins and Wild-on-Wild features, as well as the free spins round, have been kept. There is now an additional chance to win a bonus win in the free spins worth up to 500 times your bet.
Let’s us all dive in and discover all about this Divine Fortune Megaways Slot Online game before trying it out.

Divine Fortune Megaways Slot Details

The Divine Fortune Megaways slot game is played on a 6-reel machine. At the start of each spin, the number of symbols on each reel changes. They can stack up to 7 symbols high. If you get the maximum number of symbols on all six reels, you’ll have 117,649 Megaways active. Land the same matching symbol or wild on three or more adjacent reels, beginning with reel one, to create a winner.
Divine Fortune Megaways can be played with stakes ranging from 10p to INR 10,000 per spin. To change your stake, click on the coins below the reels and then scroll up and down. Autoplay is also available. You can choose between 10 and 1,000 auto-spins. You can set the win, loss, and stop on feature limits in the advanced settings.
The RTP for the Divine Fortune Megaways is 96.09 percent, which is about average. The hit frequency rate is 40.57 percent, which means you’ll hit a winning combination fairly frequently. The maximum win per spin is 38,000 times your total stake.

Theme – Audio & Design Features – Travel Back to Ancient Greece

The Divine Fortune Megaways slot is a visually appealing game. You enter a world of mythical creatures, golden coins, and legendary riches with a classical Ancient Greek theme.
The visuals have a glossy, high-end feel to them. The action is accompanied by a rather haunting backing track that fits the theme well. It’s yet another slot from NetEnt’s impressive design team.
The reels are flanked by two marble statues and are made up of A to 10 royals and a quartet of higher value symbols related to the Greek myth theme. An eagle, a lion, the Minotaur, and Medusa are among them. This Gorgon with snake hair is the most rewarding symbol. If you land 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 on adjacent reels, she will award you 1, 1.5, 2, 3, or 5 times your total stake.
The game’s wild is the winged white horse Pegasus. This symbol takes the place of all standard symbols in winning combinations. It also initiates potential feature action, which we’ll go over in more detail below.
This ancient adventure is playable on all platforms, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. On a small screen, Megaways slots can feel a little cluttered, but the clean, crisp visuals here are superbly done on the mobile version.

Divine Fortune Megaways – Bonus Features

When it comes to bonus features, some players will see NetEnt’s decision to remove the progressive jackpot from this new version of Divine Fortune as a negative.
However, this is offset by the fact that this new game is easier to win, as evidenced by its nearly doubled hit frequency.
The bonus features are one of the things that distinguish the two games from one another, as they differ slightly in performance. Divine Fortune Megaways has several bonus features to offer, which we will go over in detail below.

Falling Wilds Re-Spins
Those of you who have previously played a megaways slot will most likely anticipate an avalanche function whenever you win. NetEnt has decided to remove that feature from this game.
But don’t worry, they’ve replaced it with a re-spin feature, so don’t be too upset. This awards a new re-spin for each Wild that appears during the base game. The Wild will then fall one step with each re-spin until it is no longer visible on the table. When they are gone, the game returns to normal.

Wild on Wild Feature
The Wild on Wild Feature is triggered when you land a wild on top of a falling wild during the base game. This transforms the entire reel into a massive wild and re-triggers the Falling Wild Feature.
During free spins, the Wild on Wild Feature is automatically triggered whenever you land a wild.

Free Spins
To activate the free spins feature in Divine Fortune Megaways, you must land four scatter symbols (a hand holding a bolt of lightning) on the same spin. There’s no need to land them in a specific order because they can be scattered all over the table.
Four, five, or six free spins symbols will award you 10, 15, or 20 free spins, respectively.
Each additional scatter that appears during a free spins round awards you +5 more free spins.
Furthermore, wilds are upgraded during free spins, so any wild that lands during free spins immediately activates the Wild on Wild Feature.
During free spins, coins are collected a metre above the reels. There are three types of coins: gold, silver, and bronze, each with its metre. When the form is completed, you will receive a bonus of 500x (gold), 25x (silver), or 10x (bronze) your stake.

Megaways means the possibility of a large number of betways in the game.
This is possible because the number of symbols on the reels is never consistent, so each spin will have a different number of both symbols and betways.
Each spin in this game awards between 64 and 117 649 paylines, resulting in a plethora of new winning combinations. In a megaways slot, for example, you do not have to get the symbols in a straight line to win. Instead, they must usually land on two connecting reels.

How does Divine Fortune Megaways Work?

The highlight of Divine Fortune Megaways is, of course, the ability to provide you with a large number of pay-lines. The original slot had 20 pay-lines, and the remake has a maximum of 117 649 pay-lines.
The number of betways, on the other hand, varies with each spin.
This is made possible by the dynamic playground, which has six reels and a maximum of seven symbols per reel. The number of symbols on the reels changes with each spin, and the more symbols you land, the more pay-lines you get. The smallest number of pay-lines available is 64.
The original slot featured a jackpot win; this megaways version does not. However, if you hit the game’s top win, you will still receive some decent winnings because the maximum win of Divine Fortune Megaways is 25 000 x your stake.
The betting range is 0.1 – 100, which is a good range for a megaways slot. Within the game, the coin value ranges from 0.01 to 1.


The symbols in Divine Fortune Megaways are nearly identical to those in the original slot. The design is identical, but the megaways version includes one more of the lower-paying symbols. All of the premium symbols are based on characters from ancient Greek mythology.
Special Symbols
Wild: Replaces all paying symbols. Wild on Wild Feature and Falling Wild Feature can also be triggered.
Scatter: Landing at least four scatter symbols in the same spin will activate the Free Spins Feature. You’ll get 10-20 free spins.
Bonus Gold Coins: These appear only during free spins and are accumulated a metre above the reels. If it is filled, you will be awarded 500 times your stake.
Bonus Silver Coins: These appear only during free spins and are collected a metre above the reels. If it is filled, you will be rewarded 25 times your stake.
Bonus Bronze Coins: These appear only during free spins and are collected a metre above the reels. If it is filled, you will be rewarded 10 times your stake.

Tips for Playing Divine Fortune Megaways

As with all casino games, the only factor that determines whether you win or lose is chance. All winnings are randomised, which means they could appear at any time, or they could take an eternity to appear.
There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when it comes to maximising your bankroll against Divine Fortune Megaways.
Take volatility and RTP into account.
Despite having lower volatility than its predecessor, this version is still quite volatile.
The symbols in this slot have quite generous payouts, so even if you bet with a low stake, you can still get decent wins. And because you can spin a lot before winning, the game can quickly eat your entire bankroll if you bet a lot.

Our Recommendations
When playing at casinos, you must never play with money that you cannot afford to lose. Before you start playing, it is a good idea to make a budget for yourself, and then stick to it no matter what. If you’re losing, you shouldn’t keep playing just to recoup your losses. There is a reason why casinos around the world are thriving.

Divine Fortune Megaways Pros & Cons


  • Outstanding Design
  • Highly Reputable Designers
  • Features such as Wild on Wild and Free Spins
  • 38,000X is a fantastic maximum win.


  • Sadly Missing Progressive Jackpots
  • Gold Local Jackpot isn’t huge


This newer release with the Megaways mechanic is sure to excite fans of the series, with roots in the ever-popular Divine Fortune. Divine Fortune Megaways is as enthralling as its mythology, with excellent sound and visuals and exciting, frequent features. Good luck!