Do you want to know how to play Sweet Bonanza for real money?

Do you want to know how to play Sweet Bonanza for real money?

Sweet Bonanza is a popular game developed and published by Pragmatic Play that was launched on June 27th, 2019. It is the simplicity of use, cheap cost, and accessibility of Pragmatic Play’s games, notably Sweet Bonanza, that separate them from their competitors. You have complete freedom to play the game whenever and whenever you choose, and your possibilities of winning are really high as well. Sweet bonanza is an online slot game with a white and pink colour scheme with candy as the game’s symbol, which invokes childhood memories for many players.
So come along with us as we take a deep dive into the Sweet Bonanza Slot in our comprehensive review. Let’s get this party started!

Review of the Sweet Bonanza slot machine

In Sweet Bonanza, players are transported to a surreal Willy Wonka-style world filled with sweets, cakes, and sweet fruits. On June 27th, 2019, Pragmatic Play introduced the game across all casinos, and if you’re attempting to lose weight, you may want to be careful while playing this game because of the high volatility. Of course, we’re kidding, but we can assure you that if you achieve the crazy potential of this game, you will acquire a significant amount of weight in your bank account.

A sweet bizzaro land backdrop serves as a backdrop for this game, which contains 6 reels and 5 rows of symbols, as well as a “cluster pays” engine, which awards wins when you hit 8 or more similar symbols anywhere on the reels. The tumbling/cascading reels have the potential to produce several consecutive wins on every spin, and this is a medium to high volatility slot with a return to player percentage (RTP) of 96.52 percent, which is somewhat higher than the industry standard.

The free spins feature is the highlight of this game, and you’ll reap the benefits of Sugar Bomb symbols, which may increase your wins by up to 100 times your initial bet. This is where the main potential of the game resides, and it is here that you may earn extraordinarily large rewards of up to 21,000 times your initial bet.

What are the symbols that are used?

Enter a strange world filled with candies, sweets, and fruit, and you’ll be rewarded wherever these symbols appear on the reels of this slot machine. As long as you land at least eight similar symbols at the same time, you’ll be in excellent shape. The paytable for Sweet Bonanza is as follows:

1. Lollipop Scatter – Pays 100x the total bet if there are more than 6 of them anywhere on the reels.
2. Red Heart – Pays 50x for any combination of more than 12 symbols anywhere on the reels.
3. Purple Candy – Pays 25 times for any combination of more than 12 symbols anywhere on the reels.
4. Green Candy – Pays 15x for any combination of more than 12 symbols anywhere on the reels.
5. Blue Candy – Pays 12x for any combination of more than 12 symbols anywhere on the reels.
6. Apple – Pays 10x for any combination of 12 or more anywhere on the reels.
7. Plum – Pays 8x for any combination of more than 12 symbols anywhere on the reels.

8. Melon – Pays 5x for any combination of more than 12 symbols anywhere on the reels.
Fruit – Pays 4x for any combination of more than 12 anywhere on the reels.
10. Banana – Pays 2x for any combination of numbers greater than 12 anywhere on the reels.

What are the extra features that you get?

There is just one additional feature in this game, and that is the free spins feature. It is worth mentioning, however, that Sweet Bonanza contains a Tumble feature that activates after each successful spin. It implies that all of the winning symbols are destroyed, allowing for the introduction of new symbols to fill in the gaps. It will continue as long as you continue to be victorious.

Sweet Bonanza is giving up free spins.

In order for the free spins feature to be unlocked, you must hit at least four lollipop scatter symbols in a row on the Sweet Bonanza slot. You will be compensated according on the number of scatter symbols you land, and you will then be granted 10 free spins. The candy bombs are the major attraction during the free spins round, as they have the potential to increase your wins by 2 to 100 times your bet size. Landing three more scatters will result in an additional five free spins being added to your total.

What is the size of the jackpot (the maximum amount of money that may be won)?

Even though there are no progressive or local jackpots to be won on Sweet Bonanza Xmas, the game’s overall potential is rather considerable. There is a staggering maximum win of 21,100 times your bet, but this requires a lucky break with the 100x multiplier in order to become a reality.

As a result, we have come to a conclusion.

Sweet Bonanza will surely increase the amount of money in your pocket if you are fortunate enough to get the free spin multiplier, but you must be cautious not to acquire a sweet appetite as a consequence of playing this volatile slot machine. Any player searching for high payouts will most likely consider this sugarcoated slot to be a rare delicacy, and it will keep you entertained even if the free spins feature is the only thing going on.


Sweet Bonanza quickly separates out from the crowd not just because of its vibrant colours, but also because of its innovative gameplay. A ‘win-all-ways’ title, rather than the more standard reel structure, is used in this game, which means that symbols may appear anywhere on the reels to earn a win. Instead of having to align symbols on neighbouring reels, there is no need to do so, resulting in some high-octane spinning that is certain to spike your blood sugar levels.

If a winning combination of symbols forms in any direction in Sweet Bonanza, the winning symbols vanish from view, and their voids are supplied by fresh winning combinations dropping from above. As a result of this setup, you may regularly experience extended and continuous winning streaks – which is certainly one of the game’s primary attractions.

The inclusion of a ‘Ante’ bet gives a plethora of betting alternatives that will keep things exciting for everyone from novice slot players to high-rolling veterans.

In the event that you opt to place a total of 20 coins every spin, you will be provided with stakes ranging from 0.20 to 100 credits. To acquire the possibly higher payouts, you must first spin for 25 coins, which opens up the range of 0.25 to 125 credit values for consideration. In addition, selecting a greater volatility choice increases your chances of earning some free spins by a factor of two.


When it comes to slot machines, Pragmatic Play is one of the industry’s most prominent producers, producing a bevvy of visually appealing games on a regular basis. It’s no different with Sweet Bonanza, which has a brilliant colour scheme that will fire your hunger for the juicy rewards that are waiting for you. In this sector, the designers have completed their work for the day.

Sweet fruit and sweets combine against a backdrop of a fairy tale sky, conjuring up images of Willy Wonka and his equally alluring world of confections. Meanwhile, clouds sweep over the sky in the distance, adding to the surrealistic atmosphere.

The lower paying symbols, which are represented by bonbons in three different colours, will share basket space with the sweeter products such as plums, melons, apples, and bananas. A winning combination of 12 profitable heart-shaped sweets in a single spin results in the most delectable delicacies worth up to 40 times your initial wager.
Its aesthetically stunning design is accompanied by some appropriately heavenly sound effects, which together provide the ideal combination for a pleasurable gaming experience.

Sweet Bonanza Slot Game Hints and Techniques

In order to begin playing, just choose a Sweet Bonanza casino slot machine from the list of available slot machines and put your initial wager on that machine. Based on the presence of particular “scatter” patterns on the slot machine’s screen, the slot machine will then compute how much money you have won or lost. They often feature a line or scatter pattern that may be used to forecast who will win an election. Using the tip of your fingers or a mechanical instrument such as an iron claw or a stick, you may put your wager on the table. Both approaches result in a win, so you may choose to play for pleasure or to attempt to get the jackpot, depending on your preferred manner of gambling.

Players that choose to play on the left-hand side of the Sweet Bonanza slot machines may place either a straight bet or a maximum wager.

If you lose money on slots because of casino software that demands you to click when your stake is put, this does not always imply you should give up on the game. Some individuals are able to gain money even while playing with minimal stakes. To achieve this, you must first identify your own personal strengths. Suppose you can only manage to spin three numbers without obtaining a payout. You may want to rethink your technique. When you can hit every number without receiving any payments, on the other hand, you should quit this method.

This Sweet Bonanza Slot machine method involves combining multipliers with the bonuses that are awarded to players when playing these slots. As an example, if there are two or more free spins available at the beginning of each quarter-hour, attempt to collect as many as you possibly can. Some online casinos may provide you with a free bonus at certain periods.

You will get twice the amount of spins as a result of this bonus. It could be worth it, particularly if you know you’re going to lose out on a significant prize if you play the game.

A solid Sweet Bonanza Online Slot Strategy is to play at the most convenient moment for you to win the most money. The Tumble Slot is one of the Sweet Bonanza slot machines in Las Vegas, and it is a progressive slot machine. The majority of them may be located in high-traffic places such as Neon Alley or on the grounds of well-known casino hotel complexes. As a result of the fact that they never have a high payoff, these machines are very simple to lose money on. The payoff doesn’t even appear until after you’ve spent many minutes spinning the wheel.

Concentrate on the lines that pay more than the average line in order to make the most of your time while playing these machines. When playing the Bonanza slot machine, for example, the paylines are quite small. Despite the fact that they are lucrative, the chances of landing these paylines are stacked heavily against you.

If you want to improve your chances of winning, consider concentrating your efforts on the lower-paying reels.. You will find that using this method enables you to spend less while obtaining more paylines as a result of your efforts.

Another item that might assist you in playing sweet for an extended period of time is understanding which symbols pay the most. When it comes to symbols, the letter “A” is almost always preferred above the letter “B.” It’s possible that you’ve observed that these two symbols are constantly seen together on different devices. This is due to the fact that when individuals see the symbols together, they are more likely to place a wager on the same combination. It is more likely that you will have greater success and be able to wager for a longer period of time if you locate the proper symbol on the machine.

Where can I find Sweet Bonanza to play?

Sweet Bonanza may be played on any device, including smartphones, computers, and tablets. No matter how you choose to play this online slot machine game, you’ll see stunning visuals and experience the same seamless action as you would in a classic fruit machine game.
This Sweet Bonanza slot review reveals that it is a pleasant and entertaining experience for practically everyone to participate in and enjoy. It is one of the most popular slots from Pragmatic Play. In addition to being well-designed, it is also enjoyable, fun, colourful, and engaging. Enjoy the cartoons, candy, and free spins while you’re playing the slot machine.